Our Members


Kiyarnie Reynolds - Nhulunbuy Youth Council Chairperson and 2021 NT Round Table Representative

I love to listen to music and play netball with my free time. The reason I joined the Nhulunbuy Youth Council was because I wanted to change, that the Youth of Nhulunbuy, did have a say in what affected them and their future. 

Sophia Rogers

Sophia Rogers – Nhulunbuy Youth Council Secretary

As a young person I want to be part of the Nhulunbuy Youth Council so I could help with some of the decision making that would affect the Yolgnu and Napaki Youth in Nhulunbuy and the surrounding communities of Yirrkala and Gunyaŋara.

Deni Seaniger

Deni Seaniger

Born in Nhulunbuy, growing up with my family and friends, I love this town, I love to dance and I wanted to be part of the Youth council so I can engage with others and get some ideas to help Youth have more fun in Gove.


Lucy Mander

Hi, I’m Lucy and I’ve lived in Nhulunbuy for 6 years. Some of my hobbies are playing with my friends, dancing, singing and acting. I’m very lucky to be part of the Nhulunbuy Youth Council. The reason I became involved is because I love working with other people to achieve goals that will benefit a whole community.

Jasmin Mills

Jasmin Mills

I’m 13 years old and have been a member of the Youth Council since the start of 2020. I go to Nhulunbuy High School and I love to dance and go fishing with my family.


Taylah Mills

I’m Taylah and I’m 18 years old and I have been part of the Nhulunbuy Youth Council since it’s inaugural year. I have had a lot of fun learning how to improve my public speaking to meeting with people from all over Australia to do workshops.


Brianna Mery

I am a member of the Nhulunbuy Youth Council so I can be part of some event planning directed at the Youth of Nhulunbuy, Yirrkala and Gunyaŋara. A young person  being part of the decision making.

Jordon Hay

Jordon Hay

As someone who has lived in Gove for 10 years, I am very passionate about Youth involvement with activities and giving young people a voice to help make better changes to our community.

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